He Talked to Oprah, Now He’s Talking to Me?

Dan Kadlec has a passion for financial wellness. And he has a passion for those who work to raise the world’s financial know-how. That’s you.


Dan writes for Time, USA Today, and Money magazine. He’s talked with Oprah. And, in March 2017, he offered a Money Cents webinar for PA teachers and advocates like you.

Among the tenants of his ambitious project, Right About Money, are that financial literacy is the best way to prevent money crisis and underpin global economic growth, and that every government, school district, and employer should be involved in financial education. The second part? That’s what you do.

A talented collection of in-the-know journalists support the financial literacy community – you – by reporting on trends in policy and practice, and advocating for action.Right About Money logo

Check out some of these ideas:

“But my bottom line is this: Anything worth teaching kids is worth teaching more than once. Shaping money behavior is easier than changing money behavior and, as the research indicates, ‘early’ and ‘often’ financial education works.”

“What’s the take-away for financial educators? Knowing what people actually want—what would most boost their subjective welfare, as the researchers put it—can be a big challenge. But a good first step is not assuming that the precise financial goals that you see as obvious are right for everyone.”

“Which states do you think ranked best and worst? Let’s start with the lowest rankings. Louisiana earned a grade of D. The median credit score in the state is just 654—only a shade above what is considered poor credit.”

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