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In celebration of April and Financial Capability Month, the Making Cents Project is showcasing a different financial education program or resource each day of the month. Lucky number 13 in this series is Financial Entertainment.

Financial Entertainment is a library of free online and mobile games that aim to improve personal financial capability, knowledge, and self-confidence. Commonwealth, the maker of the games, believes in the ability of video games to engage and excite players about topics that may otherwise be perceived as dry or boring. Since launching in 2010, Financial Entertainment has seen over 671,000 users.

Check out the six games they offer and see which might help your students reinforce their financial knowledge and skills:

  • bite club home screenBite Club (also available in Spanish) – Retirement is something everyone should plan for, but a vampire’s got an eternity to consider! Manage your very own vampire nightclub, while meeting your guests’ needs, re-“vamp”ing your space, and DJing the night away. But at the end of every couple of years, you’ve got to make important decisions that will affect your future- is it an eternity retired in an alley? Or an eternity in paradise?
  • Celebrity Calamity (also available in Spanish and on mobile – iOS, Android) – Meet Alice Albudget, Ryan “Buster” Buyin, and Missy Moolah- these fabulous up and coming celebrities have got the talent to become superstars…if only they could watch how much they spend as closely as they watch the Oscars. It’s your turn to shine: play Financial Manager by balancing bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards successfully! Looks like YOU’RE the next up and coming Celebrity Manager!
  • Con ‘Em If You Can (also available on mobile – iOS, Android) – Learn to spot fraud tactics by taking on the role of a con artist. You’ll con your way through the town of Shady Acres, accumulating wealth and strength by using tactics as fraud tools to exploit the vulnerabilities of unsuspecting targets. But watch out—the Fraud Fighting Agency’s lead agent, Fiona, is hot on your trail!
  • farm blitz logoFarm Blitz (also available in Spanish and on mobile – iOS, Android) – Watching your crops grow is fun, but watch out for the hungry bunnies ready to munch if your debt gets out of control! Quickly match the same kind of veggies in a row to cash them in, and save to plan for emergencies like time warps and other “natural” disasters.
  • Groove Nation – You’re working with some pretty great dancers here. Unfortunately, they aren’t as graceful at budgeting as they are on the stage! Use the music and the rhythm of the game to choreograph your clients…then teach them what to do with the money you (er, they) have earned.
  • Refund Rush – Can you cut it as a tax preparer? Help clients decide how best to split their refunds between paying off debt, saving for the future, and saving for retirement. This fast-paced simulation puts you in the driver’s seat to think about the right ways to save and spend a tax refund.
Disclaimer: Resources included on the Making Cents blog have been reviewed by Pennsylvania educators and deemed worthwhile for classroom or professional use. Inclusion does not indicate endorsement by the Pennsylvania Department of Education or Penn State University.

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