Back to School Shopping: Financial Education Curriculum

It’s that time of year again. If you’re a parent of school-aged children, you’re likely figuring out backpacks and finding new shoes. If you’re a teacher, you’re probably organizing your classroom and revisiting your lesson plans.

Kids need different size backpacks with different features at different ages: what we send with a second grader is not what we send with a sophomore, and for good reason. As kids wear out their shoes, we are presented with mind-boggling options that range from self-proclaimed tech upgrades — that will totally up your game!! – to completely off-the-hook style options.

The same is true with lesson plans. Students’ needs are always changing and educational offerings are constantly updated to reflect new approaches. Given the fast-paced evolution of the economic sector, this is especially true of financial education lesson plans.

Unfortunately, figuring out which new shoes may suit your kid’s lifestyle is usually way easier than figuring out which new lesson plans may best suit your students’ futures.

GOOD NEWS! There’s help! The online, free-to-join Jump$tart Clearinghouse offers more than 1,000 financial education titles, the majority of which are free and many can be downloaded instantly.

Anne Bannister of the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Finance offered Making Cents Project participants a webinar that provided an overview of Jump$tart’s national portfolio of work and specifically walked teachers through how to register and search for standards-correlated financial education lesson plans that:

  • are educational and informative
  • present balanced, unbiased information and are objective in content and tone
  • do not sell or promote any specific financial products, services, companies or individuals
  • do not offer financial advice beyond the extent appropriate for a broad general audience

You’re on your own with shoes that light up or sparkle or have zig-zag soles or…. But finding a financial education lesson plan to go with a Mo Willems book? We got you covered.

But finding a financial education lesson plan to go with a Mo Willems book? Jump$tart has you covered.

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