Get the Econ Lowdown from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

To celebrate April and Financial Capability Month, we are showcasing a financial education program or resource each day of the month. Number twelve in this series focuses on Econ Lowdown and other educational resources from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

You may think that with a name like Econ Lowdown, the only resource you would find would all be related to economics. On the contrary, Econ Lowdown from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is chock full of personal finance resources, too. In fact, the site has nearly 200 financial literacy materials ranging from videos to full-length online courses to audio files and syllabi. To get better acquainted with Econ Lowdown, you may wish to watch this 47-minute recorded webinar. Education specialists from the Federal Reserve Banks of St. Louis and Boston share tips and suggestions for using Econ Lowdown with your students and highlight specific resources.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offers other personal finance and economic education resource, too. Their main education site allows educators to search, sort, and filter over 400 educational resources that span the PK-12 grade levels. Below is a sample of just some of the great personal finance resources you’ll find:

Disclaimer: Resources included on the Making Cents blog have been reviewed by Pennsylvania educators and deemed worthwhile for classroom or professional use. Inclusion does not indicate endorsement by the Pennsylvania Department of Education or Penn State University.

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