Discover Helps Students Find a Pathway to Financial Success in Schools

Throughout April, we are celebrating Financial Capability Month by featuring a variety of financial education programs and resources that you can put to use in your classroom right away. The 23rd in this series focuses on Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success program.

Pathway to Financial Success is one of the newest resources to be featured in our collection of financial education resources this month, but Discover’s commitment to financial education is longstanding. Between 2012 and 2017, Discover Financial Services awarded more than $13 million in grants to nearly 1,900 schools and districts across the country – including many in Pennsylvania.

In 2018, a new partnership was formed with Discovery Education to provide new financial education curriculum and resources for educators and parents.

The new Pathway in Schools website provides lesson plans, resource links, and family connection activities for eight topics:

  • Unit 1: Being Financially Responsible
  • Unit 2: Using Financial Services
  • Unit 3: Financing Your Future
  • Unit 4: Getting Paid
  • Unit 5: Paying Yourself First
  • Unit 6: Using Credit Wisely
  • Unit 7: Making Major Financial Decisions
  • Unit 8: Growing and Protecting Your Finances

In addition to being aligned with the Council for Economic Education’s National Standards for Financial Literacy, the classroom activities also reinforce 21st Century Skills: communication, cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking. The family connections urge parents and caregivers to talk to their child or children and make the most of teachable moments. And, the resource links connect educators to some of the “best of the best” resources from other sources that connect to the unit or topic. Additions to the program are expected. Sign up to be notified when new resources are added.

Disclaimer: Resources included on the Making Cents blog have been reviewed by Pennsylvania educators and deemed worthwhile for classroom or professional use. Inclusion does not indicate endorsement by the Pennsylvania Department of Education or Penn State University.

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